From the garage thirty years ago, with entrepreneur talent and high survival spirit, supported by friends and all of the families, we started the business. We start from selling Hospital Linen which then penetrate to Office Wear and yet we have distributions along the archipelago Indonesia, from Papua to Aceh.

In Lestari, we measure our success by the breadth of our vision and the depth of our creativity. With these ideals, guide and strive us to create products and culture that make customer more convenient, comfortable and afford most attractive environment, and yet cost effective.

Our products are made of high tech textile which is produced to an outfit with a continues improvement of sewing process to be able to present a high quality medical and industrial apparel products, and comfortable to use. We are able to meet your needs for hospital linen and work uniforms, both for indoors and outdoors while still adjusting the ergonomic design of today's needs.

Production Facilities PT. Lestari Dini Tunggul

We understand that to get high-quality production should be supported by a number of factors including the quality of fabrics, design, experts in the fields of clothing workers, adequate quality control and machines which support the process of production

Single Needle Machine

Double Needle Machine

Overlooch Machine

Waist Band Machine

Belt Loop Machine

Cutting Machine

Button Hole/Button Sewing

Bartack Machine

Steam Iron

Cutting Table

Drawing Table

64 units

20 units

5 units

5 units

2 units

3 units

7 units

4 units

5 units

2 units

1 units

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